Ruby is  back with a brand-new diary for 2022 that’s heart-warmingly beautiful. Join Ruby  as you hop through the days, weeks and months of 2022 while being encouraged by Ruby’s charming philosophies and Kate Knapp’s dreamy illustrations. This unique journal is the perfect place to record cherished moments, excellent adventures, hare-brained ideas and daily insights.

RUBY RED SHOES 2022 DIARY_mockup-1.png
RUBY RED SHOES 2022 DIARY_mockup-2.png


Limited edition Ruby Red Shoes 2022 Diary! 
200 copies signed by Kate Knapp.

Only available while stocks last!


"I can vividly remember the artworks that were on my bedroom wall when I was a child.

They were very detailed and I spent hours imagining myself traveling through them. They were like portals offering an escape to other worlds. My home is still filled with art. It makes me happy, which is the reason I have created this range of fine art prints featuring chosen illustrations from the Ruby Red Shoes series of books. What’s wonderful about these reproductions is their size, which enables the viewer to clearly see all the quirky details of Ruby’s world. They are incredibly vibrant and the closest colour match to my original art that I’ve ever seen. Thanks to our production partners, Splitting Image, each print is meticulously crafted to achieve the very best quality reproduction on archival art paper. The result is striking and I’m delighted to be able to share these prints with you. I hope you love them as much as I do, and enjoy having Ruby in your home.”
~Kate Knapp