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Ruby Red Shoes Alphabet Book by Kate Knapp

Alphabet Book: Learn with Ruby Red Shoes

by Kate Knapp

A is for angels flying above and around.
Their softest of wings make barely a sound.
B is for breakfast to begin every day.
Let’s eat something yummy and start on our way.
C is for chickens who are cheeky and clever.
They will love Ruby Red Shoes forever and ever.


With the ever increasing prevalence of declining literacy and interest in the written word, this little book reignites the joys of the English language as we learn the alphabet through Ruby’s eyes. The sing-song verse, adds to the visual delight of Ruby’s world unfolding all the way from A to Z.


What people are saying about Ruby...

The rhyming format and the gentle pictures which earned the creator a shortlisting 2013 Children’s Book Council of Australia Crichton Award for Children’s Book Illustration, carry the story from page to page and do more than just teach counting and matching skills.
~ The Bottom Shelf, AUS

On the left is Ruby doing something interesting such as buttoning her coat
(four buttons), picking ripe peaches (six)  ... On the right side is the number
in a figure, written out and illustrated in a sequence. This is a standard formula for counting books but what makes this one so appealing is the delightful text and the attractive illustrations.

~ Story Links, AUS

They are rhyming stories, with cheerful rhythm and rhyme ...
and the numbers relating to the antics that Ruby and her pet chickens get up to is also refreshing. I also liked that the numbers go up to twelve instead of stopping at ten.

~ Buzz Words, AUS

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