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Is there a Ruby Red Shoes children's book?


There are currently eight books in Ruby's library:

  • Three children’s picture books in the Ruby Red Shoes Series — Ruby Red Shoes, Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris and Ruby Red Shoes Goes to London.  

  • Four books in the Little Learning Collection – Alphabet, Counting, , Ruby's Day and Ruby's Feelings.

  • My Wonderful Grandmother


Find out more about Ruby's books here.

Where can I purchase Ruby Red Shoes products?

Books visit our book page here to find where Ruby is published in your corner of the world.

Fine Art Prints you can view these on our website here.

Wall decals and wallpaper – are produced by The WallSticker Company. You can view and shop the collection by visiting their website.

Stationery & Soft Toy – greeting cards, stationery and the Ruby Red Shoes soft toy are produced by Affirmations Publishing House. They are currently stocked in many lovely book and gift shops around Australia and New Zealand. Please click here to view the collection.

Does Kate sell her original art or do commissioned artworks?

Thank you for being so interested. Kate does not sell original artworks or undertake commissions.

Will Kate design my logo or illustrate a book I’ve written?

Thanks for thinking of us; however, Kate only illustrates for the Twigseeds and Ruby Red Shoes brands.


Can I reproduce Kate’s artwork?

Thank you for being respectful and asking, but Kate's work is not to be reproduced without permission. All work is protected worldwide by copyright and trademarks.

We do have a range of high-quality art prints which are hand-titled and signed by Kate. You can learn more about these here.

What is Kate working on now?

There is so much happening in Ruby’s world! Kate is currently speaking with Ruby and planning new books and ideas to add to Ruby's collection of stories. The best place to find out what Ruby and Kate are up to is on social media, so please follow them there for updates and the latest news.

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