Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris

by Kate Knapp

Ruby looks from their balcony to the square below. There are small tables gathered underneath colourful awnings. Warm amber lights begin to glow from all the windows. Ruby loves the forest of terracotta chimneys growing all over the slate rooftops.


Ruby Red Shoes and her grandmother are on holiday in Paris and Ruby is fizzing with excitement as she explores. She practices her best French, eats buttered baguettes, and scoots about with a special new friend who shows her the sights. It’s a time she’ll treasure forever.


What people are saying about Ruby...

This is a lovely tale of a trip to Paris and the illustrations are typically Kate Knapp; incredibly detailed, whimsical and full of gorgeous soft hares, chickens, birds, butterflies and bees.
~ Children’s books daily, AUS

The writing is enchantingly descriptive and newly established readers can take cues from the gorgeous pictures but the books are also a perfect read aloud with many delightful details in the illustrations to linger over with a younger audience.

This book is a triumph of words and images combining to create a book of great charm and character. As Ruby and her red shoes venture out to explore, it’s clear that every single phrase and each illustrative detail has been crafted with meticulous attention, imbuing this book with a whimsical charm that had me smiling at every page.

  • Shortlisted for the 2014 Australian Book Industry Award for Book of the Year for Younger Children

  • Shortlisted for the 2014 Inaugural Readings Children’s Book Prize

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