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Ruby Red Shoes Ruby's Feelings by Kate Knapp

The World of Ruby Red Shoes:
A Book About Ruby’s Feelings

by Kate Knapp

When I feel happy,
all the world seems light,
like sunshine and daffodils,
all golden and bright.


With so much awareness around mindfulness and mental health in young children, this is the perfect book to start gentle conversations about why we can feel the way we do, and how some of our more confronting feelings can be managed.


What people are saying about Ruby...

With beautiful, soft illustrations all of Ruby’s emotions flow off the pages of this delightful little book, which will prove to be one that is shared again and again ... There is so much useful information packed into one little book in an easy to read aloud style which doesn’t feel didactic or forced. The advice given would be welcomed by any adult reading the book aloud to a preschooler, as well as for any child who, captivated by the gorgeous drawings, has a go at reading it alone. It would also fit in beautifully with a Wellness program run in a school.
~ Read Plus, AUS

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