Ruby Red Shoes is the much loved aware hare who stars in a series of best-selling children’s books by illustrator and author Kate Knapp.

The Ruby Red Shoes books have been published around the world and have grown a devoted following amongst children and adults alike. 

Being an aware hare means cultivating awareness of the world around you as well as inside you — awareness and care of self, the community and our precious earth. These important messages are delivered gently through detailed illustrations and charming stories.

There are currently eight Ruby Red Shoes books, with more on the way!


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Ruby provides children everywhere with a kindred spirit who really sees them, nurtures them, inspires and guides them.


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What people are saying about Ruby...

This is a truly beautiful book that we have completely fallen in love with. The illustrations are as adorable as the story.
~ The Ladybirds’ Adventures, UK

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